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Google Workspace Marketplace—Historical downloads and rating data, downloads per day, week, month, year, etc.

AppMetrics makes it easy to see all stats at a glance. Drill down into data for more detail…Find opportunities in the Google Workspace Marketplace (formerly known as Google Apps or G Suite). Access historical download data for every app. Observe installation and uninstallation count. Also, get insights in app ratings over time. We have data for each and every app—their daily downloads and ratings, which apps have a growing or declining market, and so on.How to analyze competition in the Google Workspace Marketplace? Find opportunities by analyzing which apps have the fastest growing market by analyzing historical download data. Spot new markets with endless opportunities. AppMetrics has the largest and most comprehensive database of historical data available in the market.

“Information is power. Particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.”— Mark Cuban

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10,000,000+ installations

Have you seen 10,000,000+ installations/downloads in the Google Workspace Marketplace and wondered—how many downloads does the app really have? We have all the answers. We have historical download data for each day (also number of installs and uninstalls), so you can make analysis on how the app is performing over the years. Which apps are growing, which niches are declining or stagnant and much more.Stay ahead of your competitors! Join now and make decisions based on real proven market data. Any app author or organization wants to steal your clients or customers, and competition analysis can be your best weapon for defending your position or achieving a boost in traffic.


Make decisions based on trusted data with confidence that you are entering a market where demand lies—the opportunities are endless!

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Measure your competitor apps’ performance and get unique insights with AppMetrics data. The data is not available anywhere else.

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Google Workspace Marketplace insight data is already being used to beat competition and to climb to the Most Popular and Top Rated apps.


Professional high quality data, trends, and reliance for today’s avid data-driven analysts.

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